Laser Quest

Laser Quest, sometimes referred to as laser tag, is an extreme sports game. It is also a combat simulation, but without ending up with bruises and paint-stained clothes. The entire game takes place in a dark environment equipped with all the latest technology; all accompanied by sound, light and smoke effects. Take a few minutes break away from reality and awaken within you, a warrior bent on revenge and victory.

The laser quest arena has over 400m2, and is the largest laser quest arena in Prague! Expect a massive maze with lots of cool things that you will not find elsewhere. Your guests will have no choice other than to hide and choose their tactics for victory. Each unique element has its own purpose in the arena, every tiny hole in the wall has a reason for being there. Feel free to take advantage of all the opportunities that this environment provides and find the best firing position. Mirrors, drums, mattresses and much more!

There are several different gaming modes that can be prepared for your outing:

  • Death Match – Everyone is in it for himself or herself!
  • Teams – You’re not alone, your buddies are here to watch your back.
  • Gladiator everyone has a limited number of 30 lives and the goal is to hold out in the arena as long as possible. Show your opponents that you’re right gladiators
  • Capture the Flag – The goal is to capture the enemy flag but don’t loose sight of protecting your own.

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