Stage Scenography / Design

Stage Scenography / Design is producing stage set designs which work with your presentation or performance in mind. Whether it be a discussion panel on a stage with specific backdrop requirements, or an entertainment program in which the stage needs to be transformed into a 3 dimensional castle, our design team are the very best at going from concept to reality. Our designers can work based on your teams concept.

Scenic design (also known as scenography, stage design, set design, or production design) is the creation of theatrical, as well as film or television scenery. Scenic designers come from a variety of artistic backgrounds, but in recent years, are mostly trained professionals, holding a B.F.A. or M.F.A. degrees in theater arts. Scenic designers design sets and scenery that aim to support the overall artistic goals of the production.

The study of Stage Scenography / Design concerns the dramatic properties of space and the shaping of a dramatic character. State design is authorial participation in the creation of a theatrical production. Instruction is conceived to respect the dramatic departure point of stage design and its team character and the contemporary overlapping tendencies of the field.

A designer looks at the details searching for evidence through research to produce conceptual ideas that’s best toward supporting the content and values with visual elements. The subject of, “How do we generate creative ideas?” is very legitimate question. The most consuming part of expanding our horizons toward scenic concepts is much more than witnessing creativity, and creative people. It starts with us opening our mind to the possibilities. To have an attitude toward learning, seeking, and engaging in creativity and to be willing to be adventurous, inquisitive and curious. Our imagination is highly visual. Whether outside or inside, colorful trees or concerts, star lit skies or the architecture of a great building, scenic design is a process of discovery. Discovering what will best clarify and support the setting, environment, atmosphere, ambience, & world that is being created.

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