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Troja Chateau is considered to be one of the most important architectural works of the beginning of Late Baroque in Central Europe. In areas where vineyards were once located, Count Václav Vojtěch from Šternberk had the chateau built in 1678 to successfully obtain a title of nobility. The chateau’s form resembles a type of an Italian suburban villa; it is, therefore, a summer residence rather than a chateau. The villa was also to serve as a residence and resting place of the emperor and his retinue while hunting in Stromovka, the nearby game enclosure. Outstanding European artists were invited in to the construction and decoration of the chateau. The project was designed by Jean Baptist Mathey, an Italian architect, who changed the original concept to regular disposition with a grand hall in the center.

 Troja Chateau is situated in a splendid part of Prague, Troja, surrounded by beautiful gardens and the Vltava River directly below. Troja Chateau was named after the impressive garden staircase of the villa, which displays statues depicting the battle between Olympic Gods and the Titans. The construction started in 1678 and was quickly halted by a plaque epidemic in 1685. The second phase of the reconstruction focused on the decorations of the interiors.

The architect of Troja Chateau, Jean Baptista Mathey, was inspired by great villas in Italy and built one of the finest Mediterranean style summer houses in the north of Italy. The most remarkable aspects about Troja Chateau are the garden staircase, the beautiful Baroque gardens, and the interior design. Sternberg even went so far as to decorate the interiors of the stables in grand frescos!

The main garden staircase leads from the garden to the first floor of the Chateau. Two giants support the terrace, and the staircase is adorned with statues representing heroes of Greek mythology. The interior of the Grand Hall is covered with frescos by Abraham Godyn. The frescos themselves are considered to be one of the best examples of classical Baroque painting. Prague Eventery

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Additional info

  • Best example of Baroque architecture in all of Central Europe
  • Dramatic Chateau with grand landscaping and gardens
  • One of the best venues for outdoor events and celebrations
  • Approximately 5-7 minutes from the center of Prague
  • 200 guests can be accommodated in the main room, or 240 in buffet style
  • The garden can host an event of up to 1200 guests

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