Prague Tram Depot

Located in the tram depot in Prague-Střešovice is a unique collection of artifacts from the history of urban mass transit in the capital city of the Czech Republic. The permanent “Public Transport Museum” exhibition was opened in 1993 by the Prague Public Transport Company. It contains over 40 historical vehicles and many other exhibits – models, photographs, historical documents, tickets and blueprints, all available for viewing by the public. This is truly an industrial space which we use as a clean canvas to produce magical events in Prague.

The depot was itself declared a technical historical landmark in 1991. It was built in 1909, and is a typical example of utilitarian transport buildings belonging to the Electrical Utilities of Prague from the era of the beginnings of urban mass transit in Prague, which is now utilized to host landmark Prague events.

Although this venue is not a 17 century baroque Chateau, or castle with accessorial heritage, this museum represents the growth of the Czech Republic into a new era, the beginning of modern civility as we know it today. The public transport system currently in the Czech Republic is well respected as one of the best maintained, timely, and efficient transportation systems in all of Europe. Very often we utilise the beautiful, historic trams to transport guests from wherever their location in the city, directly into the depot and keep the trams in the room during the event which serve as massive decoration pieces.

Each piece of memorabilia, and all of the glorious historical vehicles on display, provides guests with a unique perspective into the recent past and growth of a modern metropolis. This vast space can accommodate up to 700 guests for a buffet, with ample room for mingling, dancing, and general “good times”. The historical trams which normally call this space home, may also be used as a unique way to get your guests here and can be utilized as the décor and backdrop for events in Prague. Prague Pventery

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  • Can accommodate up to 700 guests buffet style
  • Historical trams can transport guests directly to, and then inside, this hall
  • Trams may be used as backdrop and venue décor during event

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