Strahov Monastery

Fire, the Hussite wars, religious wars, and even the Communists, all failed to shut down the Premonstratensians, but not without trying. Even when the members of the monastery were unable to live within its walls, they gathered wherever they until they were able to return to the Strahov Monastery complex. The Premonstratensians are an integral part of the Roman Catholic Church, not only as an organizational, legal, and independent unit, but also, and especially, they are an integral spiritual element of the Church.

The visit of the historic Strahov Monastery Baroque library is unforgettable: it is composed of the rooms of theology and of philosophy with vaults adorned with frescos and stucco decorations. They include huge wooden shelves, masterpieces of decorative woodwork, where the very rich collections of books of the monastery are exhibited. Various “cabinets of curiosities” filled with unusual naturalist collections are arranged in the corridor connecting both rooms.

The majesty of the famed library has not been lost in Hollywood.  These halls have been the backset to a number of great Hollywood movies over the years;  Mission Impossible, James Bond, and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are just a few…

For an evening program, while you are discovering beauty of the library with professional tour guides, welcome drinks and canapés can be served. Either location may be viewed separately, but suggested that they are done together due to their close proximity.

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