In the land where beer is more valued than water, Drink Up! For beer lovers, we present an interactive tour of some of Prague’s most famous water holes.

First, there was the pub-crawl. Then came the scavenger hunt. Now, for corporate groups in search of treasure on and off the rocks, Prague Eventery has morphed these two popular concepts into the one and only, Beer Hunt.  Unlike other pub-crawls, which focus mainly on imbibing, our journey includes mind games and trivia.

The program commences with a short briefing and explanation of the game. Guests are then divided into small teams. Each team receives all necessary tools to complete the program including an instructions sheet, map of Prague, as well as a digital camera.

The aim of the game is to visit as many pubs as possible, to taste local beers, and complete a series of tasks on their journey. As evidence of each teams successful visit to each pub, the teams are required to take amusing and witty photos at every pub. The aim is not to get drunk, but to have a good fun and get a bit into a “beer culture” of our country.

Typical duration of the program is about 3 hours.

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