Why Hire a Prague DMC

The Internet is a tremendously incredible tool that everyone uses in his or her everyday life. Want to find a recipe, Google it! Need to find an electrician, Google it! Need directions to bring little Johnny to his friend’s birthday party, Google it! Need to plan a conference for your company’s top executives which includes accommodation in Prague, conference space, group transportation throughout the program, a Gala event in a historic venue with catering, entertainment, Audio Visual requirements, tours and team building; perhaps here Google is not the answer. If a recipe goes bad, you have a bad cake. If your company’s conference goes bad, a much, much worse scenario!

A Prague DMC, such as Prague Eventery, takes the worry and second-guessing out of the process and allows you to focus on the internal issues of the event. A DMC will review the full program with you and comprise a summary of options for each facet of the program, thus allowing you to make insightful decisions from a list of options which have been tailor selected to meet your program’s goals and requirements. We don’t expect you to know every transport provider in the city and who is the most reliable with newest and most elegant coaches, but we know! It’s impossible for you to know what are the most awe-inspiring venues for a group of 380 guests, but we know! Best hotel to accommodate a group of your size with great location and meeting facilities to suit your plenary and breakout sessions – we got it covered! What to do with those same 380 guests for the few hours that they have free after the conference – let us suggest some great activities and options that work!

We at Prague Eventery are a Prague based DMC, and this is our city! It is our job, our passion, to know the ins and outs of being a Professional Corporate Event Organizer in Prague. We’ve spent decades building and nurturing relationships with all event service providers in Prague and make it our business to ensure that your next big program in Prague goes off without a hitch and your guest’s main concern is whether to have the Chicken or the Beef! When a DMC such as Prague Eventery is involved in your event, we provide the best possible options and you just make the decisions while we do the planning and work.

Time is the resource that we are all fighting to protect. Time is the golden asset, and there always just don’t seem to be enough hours in a day. We work with professional corporate event organizers and planners that are sourcing, designing and executing meetings and events all over the world. They can barely manage the volume of programs they are assigned, and don’t have time to conduct exhaustive research on each destination that is selected. They need to outsource much of the logistics, creative, and operations of the program to ensure a successful event.  A Prague DMC is the best option for meeting planners who need a proven company who can get the program planning done efficiently, professionally and on budget.

A DMC in Prague such as Prague Eventery, connects the dots between our client’s objectives and needs, and supplies options and experiences that will best suit the program.  Ultimately our local connections and destination knowledge allow us to create once in a lifetime experiences that provide attendees with bragging rights and post program stories to share with business colleagues. The very best souvenir you can give your guests is a magical experience in a fairy-tale medieval city.

We at Prague Eventery take pride in the fact that we are an extension of your organization and we treat each of your attendees and guests as if they were our own. Each and every one of our clients becomes our partners in the sense that your success is our success. We determine what the goal of your program is and what the key message that you would like relayed to your participants during the course of the program, and we make it happen!

Even in a perfect world where you may have all the resources and time available to you to plan a program, one of the primary reasons to go with a Prague DMC is that we mitigate your risk. Companies simply cannot afford to select a vendor that has not been vetted and who’s quality and reliability has not been tested. During a Conference or Event in Prague, there are always a number of moving parts in motion at any one moment. Bringing in a Professional Corporate Event Organizer, such as Prague Eventery, allows you to focus your efforts and time making sure your internal client is satisfied and the focus of the program stays on track while we handle the how’s, when’s, and where’s.

A DMC is there to support you before, during and after your event, and in most cases of professional event planning, this is an invaluable part of the service, and sometimes the very essence of its success. This ensures that even if there are small mishaps, they are dealt with so quickly and effectively, that your guests will be completely unaware of them as the DMC works tirelessly to resolve them. It is all part of the service, to take the headache out of your corporate travel and allow you to simply enjoy and focus on the real objectives of the event.

Finally, a great DMC provides a meeting planner with peace of mind.  We are not saving lives, and our work is not rocket science, but it is extremely labor intensive, demanding, and there are lots of opportunities for things to go wrong. With Prague Eventery in charge, our clients can rest easy that their program will run flawlessly. We become the invaluable extension to your team, and we can make the meeting planner look like a hero! Just look around our website to see why we stand out as the Premier DMC in Prague. Reach out to us; we’d love to show you around our magnificent city and highlight why Prague should be your next great destination.

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