Casual venue for corporate events – Factors to consider

Venue selection is perhaps one of the most important decisions to make in an event planning process. Several factors have to be considered depending on the type of event, number of attendees, decor, equipment, vendors and so on. It is best to consider multiple venues and choose one among them that suits your event specifications. At Prague Eventery, we take into consideration all of your needs and make detailed notes before preparing a proposal of several venues options that fit within your scope of requirements to provide you with an exceptional event. Our basic aim is to create an invaluable experience for your attendees keeping in mind your suggestions, requirements, ideas and budget.

We suggest that when hosting a conference or event, that you clearly specify your event goals and objectives during the planning process to obtain a venue that looks and feels exactly like the one you have in your mind. Say, you wish to organize a conference in a considerably laid back atmosphere. Then it is important for you to select a casual venue for corporate events that provides a calm environment for your attendees to feel relaxed and contented. To achieve that end, you need to consider several factors that have been discussed in the following points:

  • Accessibility – The venue you choose for your event should be accessible by road, air or by rail. You never know what your attendees will opt for. So, you need to organize your event in a favorable location to provide maximum ease of transport. The best thing about hiring a reputed destination management company is that they can arrange for airport transfers and travel facilities to enhance the experience.


  • Accommodation – If you are holding your event out of town or if most of your invitees are traveling long distances to attend your event, it should be your responsibility to provide enhanced lodging facilities to make them feel comfortable and satisfied with the experience. In that case, the venue should be located nearer to 5 star hotels and restaurants so that they do not have to travel, or be tired and fatigued after the event.


  • Expenses – You need to have a detailed discussion with your event manager regarding your budgetary inclusions to keep unnecessary expenses at bay. Venue selection is one of the larger, and most important factors that need to be considered while planning your budget as it will take up a large part of your event budget.


  • Food and beverages – If you are looking for a casual venue for corporate events, it is essential for you to make a note of the refreshment options that are going to be included in the package. You need to make sure whether you can call in your choice caterers or you have to use the venue’s in-housecaterer. You also need to take into consideration any special dietary requirements that your guests may have and make proper make arrangements to ensure maximum satisfaction of your attendees. Every minute detail should be taken care of precisely. That is why it is important to choose a well-acclaimed event organizing company to take care that nothing is left out.


  • Technical facilities – Your selected venue should either be able to offer, or accommodate,any technical needs that are indispensable to your event. Be it audio-visual equipment, lighting, Wi-Fi or any other technical needs. If you can execute a flawless event, your attendees will spontaneously convert into loyal followers and believers in the message you are conveying. And once that happens, you will reach your target and fulfill your needs for holding a corporate event.


  • Availability – Last but not the least, you need to consider the availability of the venue on the event date and ensure that nothing comes in between you and your event. Also, make sure that there are no other events on the specified date that will clash with yours and may not be in resonance with the theme of your event. If you are holding a seminar or a business conference and there is a reception going on outside, chances are, your attendees will feel distracted and ultimately disgusted by the disturbances. A DMC such as Prague Eventery, will handle all of these details on your behalf and ensure that nothing comes between your guests and a great time!

While selecting a casual venue for corporate events, it is essential that you opt for a reputable destination management company like Prague Eventery to cater to all your needs and specifications. We have resources and contacts at the highest levels to ensure an impeccable experience for your event. Discuss your event ideas with us and let us help you turn those ideas into reality without compromising on your tastes and without putting a strain on your budget. Everything will be planned beforehand so as to avoid inconveniences later on.

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