Ice Sculpting Team building

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: no, we don’t do ice sculpting with chain saws. Prague Eventery is known for stretching the boundaries of fun, but even we have our limits. What you do get is an interesting, out-of-the-ordinary team building experience. The transient beauty of ice sculptures always takes your breath away, and combining it with a fun Ice Sculpting Team building compitition, is a great kick off for any corporate program.

Participants are divided into teams whose ultimate goal is to sculpt a block of ice into a masterpiece. Following a brief introduction, teams are then amazed with an ice sculpting demonstration from an expert ice sculptor. Teams really will have to learn to work together in the most effective and productive way in order to get the task done! The results can be pretty impressive, and of course, some not so impressive, or as we like to say, impressionist pieces!

Ice Sculpting events are fantastic at stimulating interaction between guests and provides a real ‘hands on’ experience for participants working together. This makes them ideal as either a team building event or conference energizer. We’re able to customise the theme of the Ice Sculpting Team building sculptures to incorporate a corporate message or even your company’s logo.  Often, we then have these very same Ice masterpieces, transported and displayed, during a dinner or gala event later that same evening, where the judging is then done by the attendees themselves!

This program can be hosted in any number of outdoor locations and the length of the program is typically about 2 hours. The number of participants is only limited by the space being utilized.

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