F1 Go-Cart Tournament

The track is inside in a glasshouse so you can race regardless of the weather or time of year. It provides great light conditions and it is heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer. All karts are computerised and timed, with professional time sheets displayed on the large projection screen showing fastest times, average times, and how everyone compares to each other, for both record-keeping, and mainly, bragging rights of their placing in the F1 Go-Cart Tournament!

Within the track is situated a grill restaurant with excellent cuisine, grilled specialties on open fire, fresh salads and delicious desserts. The restaurant allows for excellent viewing of the action on the track, as well as for cheering or booing off the track.

An F1 Go-Cart Tournament can be arranged with a race moderator to keep the action moving, or free riding in which we run individual races for as many hours as you desire, each 8 minutes long, and we include a max of 15 people per race. When you finish a race, you can immediately sign up to be in the next available race, OR just hang out for a bit. Those who aren’t racing or just finished racing, can eat or drink in the tavern, or watch the others racing from the observation area.

The track can be setup with special lighting, special effects, and even a DJ to keep the atmosphere high and of course, after the races the event ends up with an inevitable award ceremony, so the experience becomes unforgettable.

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