Laser Show

Lasers are the most powerful light source on earth. With a Laser Show, thin shafts of light and rainbow-pure colors, “Star Wars”-style laser beams are a dazzling cross between theatrical lighting and fireworks. Another technique, animated laser graphics, communicates exciting messages using a medium more eye-catching than conventional slides or video. There are many creative ways lasers can be used in a production. Most of these uses fall into the two broad categories of seeing beams in mid-air, and seeing graphics on a surface.

We will complement any event with a great laser show which will surely set the magical atmosphere for the night.

We have both monochromatic green lasers and full-color RGB lasers.

As the icing, we offer a spectacular laser show to the wall, both outdoors and indoors! Laser show into the water wall can be complemented by projection.

We specialize only in realization of laser shows associated with any other audiovisual effects, and thus we can ensure the highest quality .. We will provide you with an unforgettable full-color lasershow tailored to your imagination! Are you a company of any industry, organizer of a festival, wedding, community celebrations or club owner? We always find the ideal option for anyone. We have very powerful high-end laser systems that are developed according to current technology and can meet the complex requirements of even very complex and unusual installations. Lasershow is programmed and prepared on site by experienced and long-term experience, trained and customer-oriented staff with very creative ideas.

As one of the few companies in the field we regularly renew tests of safe handling of laser projection technology, which is evidenced by the possibility to download the current certificate on our website. Likewise, we have valid insurance to cover business risks, which can also be seen on the right.


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