Interactive Floors/Tables

The interactive floors as a projection surface with visual content which reacts to steps on the projection surface. Interactive floor can be used as a ground-based tool to present a logo, a new product or another message, but it can also serve as a simple game application. Thus, interactive floor is both an entertainment and communication technology which will liven up the boring atmosphere of entrance halls, arouse the interest of visitors in overcrowded shopping centers and entertain people during any type of social event.

Interactive floors projection are among the most common and easiest to implement solutions on the market. This is because the interactivity is usually based on motion capture using a camera or IR sensor, which means the display itself can be made using any kind of projector, and can be set up in a much wider variety of ways than the other options, where display hardware must be installed on the floor and must be durable enough to withstand people walking all over it. Walking on a projection is, by comparison, a lot less worrisome.

An interactive floor projector uses moving imagery and interactive video to create amazing effects, with countless applications across the board, from the retail and corporate sectors to all forms of education and training.

​​​​​​​Whatever the occasion, it’s a fun and exhilarating experience, as the floor projector reacts to movement and activity. The possibilities of interactive floor projection for stimulating at corporate events and for games and education in play centres and schools are limited only by your imagination!


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