Inflatable (Shaped) Lighting

Inflatable Lighting is glare free, shadow reduced, and spreads light in a 360° circle without any dark spots. Conventional light-towers in contrast produce glare, use more energy and have to be set up about 3 times higher to cover the same area. These lights create an almost dreamy atmosphere and are available in a myriad of different shapes and can either be floated above to produce true lighting, or used at ground level for visual affects.

Both visually stunning and easily installed Inflatable lights can fill and transform a large space or accent more intimate areas with color and drama day and night Available in a variety of shapes such as cones or cylinders, these lighted accents can be used as dramatic entranceways, room partitions, “reveal walls” or simply as décor. They also feature a large surface area, that, when customized with your logo or message, can create an ideal branding tool. Available in both standing and suspended forms in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.

Available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, sizes and colours, with options for free standing or suspended versions, these inflatable lights can be used to highlight entryways, create dramatic room partitions, can be used as fun “reveal walls”, or as stunning décor.

French manufacturer Airstar has developed a full range of ravishing lighting balloons and inflatable solutions to ensure a truly inimitable and exclusive wedding.

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