Prague Technical Museum

The seat of the Prague Technical museum is the newly renovated monumental functionalist building near Letná Park. The museum was founded in 1908, and for over a hundred years it has built an extensive collection documenting the development of many technical fields, natural and exact sciences, and industry. Unique collection items can be viewed in 14 permanent exhibitions as well as temporary exhibitions. You can view the most interesting and, in many cases, rare and unique exhibits of museum’s collections in the permanent and shorter-term exhibits. A magnificent collection of vintage automobiles, motorbikes, airplanes, and even trains are in their full glory and display in the transportation hall in this beautiful museum venue in Prague.

In February 2011, after a long renovation process (2003 – 2011) the first part of the permanent exhibits was opened, and by October 2013 the renovation of the National Technical Museum was completed. The museum now presents centuries of ingeniousness in 14 permanent expositions: transportation, architecture, construction and design, astronomy, printing, photo studio technology in the home, mining, metallurgy, and measurement of time.

The Architecture, Engineering, and Design exposition present a range of models, plans and artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries. Another exposition is focused on astronomical instruments primarily from the 16th and 17th centuries, but you can also see a meteorite that is nearly 5,000 years old. The “Transport Hall” acquaints you with the development of transportation and displays many interesting vehicles. The items in the main hall are too many to grasp with one sight and heads turn up to the airplanes hanging from the roof and down to the cars and locomotives then all around to bicycles and motorbikes: the history of transportation is on display with some really amazing pieces such as early Bugatti models and cars from times when Benz hadn’t yet met its beloved Mercedes.

This museum venue in Prague is located at the top of Letna park which is a grassy hill with amazing views which look over the Vltava river and the historical Old Town far below. Prague Eventery

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  • Can accommodate up to 200 people buffet style
  • Located up on Letna Hill overlooking the cityscape or Prague

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