Agnes de Bohemia

Agnes de Bohemia fulfils the most stringent European standards; this is what enables it to cruise almost silently and with absolute minimum emissions. The boats name was carefully chosen and refers to the company’s Czech tradition and emphasises the quality of the boat. Agnes de Bohemia Boat was built in the German shipyard in Derben over a four-month period and it was first launched in April 2014. It is slightly smaller then her younger sister Bohemian Rhapsody, but maintains the same style and grace. A perfect Prague venue for a unique program, and a nice surprise for attendees.

The uniqueness of the boat lies in the technological innovation of the main deck as it is encased in a sliding glass roof, which is possible to remove in case of beautiful weather and, of course, close in case of inclement weather. This allows guests the very maximum of comfort, and a perfect view from the boat at all times. This boat serves as the ideal Prague venue as it can be utilised for dinners, cruising, as well as a floating conference or meeting space.  No need to ask for a conference room with windows in this floating conference room with a view!

The capacity of the boat is 160 passengers in theater seating. Dimensions of the boat are 37.59 meters long and 5.68 meters wide with a displacement of 76.5 tons.  She can achieve the speed of 20 km/h, which makes her the fastest boat of these dimensions floating in Prague.

20km per hour doesn’t seem fast but remember, we are aiming towards a relaxing group experience in a river which cuts through a medieval city, we’re not setting a course to run guns!

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Additional info

  • Maximum capacity is 160 passengers in theater seating
  • Maximum capacity for buffer dinner is 80 passengers
  • Modern boat with retractable glass roof
  • Suitable for year-round operation, heated and air-conditioned
  • Several options for docking in various points in the city

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