Tips to Get Around Prague in a Hassle Free Way

“If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls.” – Anonymous

When it comes to Europe, travellers cannot think without the “City of Hundred Spires” more famously known as Prague, the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. It’s a favourite place for the budget travellers and luxury lovers alike. The city has earned the tag of one of the most visited cities in the Europe. In this post we are providing you tips to get around the city of Prague in a hassle free way. This city of bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers and church domes surfaced at the bank of Vltava river for more than ten centuries remains almost undamaged by the World War II.
Prague presents itself as an ever-changing city with an interest to embrace different styles. A good combination of romanticism and success, ancient and modern culture, but above all it is a cosmopolitan city which gives a warm welcome to the foreign visitors. Here is what one should know while planning a trip to the incredible city.

Any tips to get around Prague, or a for that matter any other city can’t be devoid of Food. Prague offers an international array of choices when it comes to food starting from Greek, Italian, French, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Balkan etc. Even Afghan cuisine is available. However, to know more about the traditional Czech food one should walk along the cobblestone streets and explore the fascinating local people their culture while enjoying the depth of the wonderful cuisine. While exploring the side streets one will come across restaurants serving plenty of authentic foods like the open faced sandwiches and delicious Czech deserts. One cannot overlook the Czech dumplings and braised beef served in conventional style and enjoy the old world techniques at work.

The Czech Republic earned the name of being the No 1 beer drinking nation on the planet, with an annual per capita consummation of some 156 litters. It is served almost everywhere in Prague, even in breakfast cafés! The city has a long history of brewing recorded back to 993 AD at the Benedictine Břevnov Monastery. The light beer brewed naturally from handpicked hops makes it a world famous. The high-end restaurants offer finest choices of liquor one could ask for. The variety and quality of beverages helps to bring this in our must list of tips to get around Prague.

With an excellent public transport system, Prague offers it’s visitors different options to get around the city. Prague’s major public transport operator is The Capital City of Prague Transport Company. It operates trams, buses, the underground metro. For making the public more comfortable with their journey frequent displays and announcements are make in buses, trams and metro trains making it very unlikely to miss out on the required stop. A glance at the map shows that the city is divided into 10 districts (Prague 1, Prague 2, etc.) which refer to each of the Prague neighbourhoods.

Tips to get around Prague is incomplete without information on local language preferences. The official Language in the Czech Republic is the Czech language, however, communicating in English nowadays is a grown practice. Outside Prague, it is often seen that the older generation speak the native language. Its’ always better if one can learn few words before going out for a vacation in Prague in order to be able to say hi, thank you, please, good day. They know that their language is difficult and appreciate and welcome your effort and will be more helpful.

The rising prices and increased cost of living that has occurred left the tourists to wail over their past years experience in Prague. However, the reasonable beer which is 30 crowns and budget dinner for two for about 400 crowns can enchant them. Overall the costs will be at par or lesser than some of the other popular cities in Europe.
Prague has it’s own charm and will win you over with warm hospitality, scenic beauty and overall friendly people. Come experience Prague today!

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