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DJ Coco Jambo

DJ Coco Jambo breaks into everybody’s house every morning, that is to say that he is one of the most recognised radio DJ’s on the Czech airways and incorporates his sense of humor, style, and “je ne sais quoi” to his performances. Considered to be one of the true “Old School” DJ’s, he is more of a presenter, moderator, author, and all around entertainer.

Tereza Rajnincova Soul Band

An excellent, young singer with a heavy sexy voice, accompanied by various numbers of musicians, which together create classical jazz background atmosphere of the evening. This talented singer can perform many musical genres including Latin, blues, Chanson, and jazz. Tereza can perform as duet or trio accompanied by guitar, sax, piano, drums or bass guitar.

Neopercussio – Percussion Quartet

The thumping and rhythmic sounds of this talented group of Neopercussio always cause the floor to shake with the simple fact that when watching them perform, everybody’s body moves to the beat. Their original, emotionally charged show, is so impressive that NeoPercussio is currently one of the most popular percussion formations.

Joy Box Band

The Joy box band is pure, unbridled energy at its rawest form. We dare you not to move to the rhythms and sounds of this accomplished and fun group of talented musicians and showmen. From rock to reggae to funky jazz and all genres in between. Joybox excels in bringing the “PARTY”, to the party! We dare you to try to not move during their performance.

Charles Bridge Band

Maybe not that young, but definitely young at heart! Charles Bridge Band members, although of different ages and origin, are joined by some of the same views on life;, they agree that the best way to muddle through life is to play jazz and the most beautiful place for such muddling is in Prague. A group of true musicians who play with soul and funk in a foot stomping good time for all.

Prague Swing Orchestra

Prague Swing Orchestra is an adornment of jazz festivals, concerts, balls and representative parties. Through the Prague Swing Orchestra, though sounds of legends such as Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, come alive. In the company of the Prague Swing Orchestra you accelerate heartbeat and breath, PSO moves your body and caresses your soul!

Svejk Duo

The Good Soldier Svejk is himself a symbol of Czech livelihood. This incredible Svejk duo are all in one – Funny, Talented, Charismatic, and generally entertaining. It’s a good thing he plays an accordion so that he can still enjoy a pint with the guests whilst performing Czech favorites and International sing alongs which are extremely contagious in large groups.

Sand Artist

Our Sand Artist animation is a unique, unforgettable and moving to tears act, creating highly customized stories out of sand in front of the audience. This form of art combines some elements of traditional animation and performance art. Performances may be customized to a specific clients requirement in order to send a direct message to the audience.

Comedy Waiters

This program of Comedy Waiters is focused on communicating with the audience, and could aptly be described as interactive. Trained professional actors, with years of drama experience, choose the best way to insert humor and lighthearted fun in all circumstances. A perfect addition to any evenings affair when you would want to “spice” up the program with some hilarious fun.

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