A/V plays a major role in most events, and allow you to express your message more efficiently. We deal with only the best A/V

companies which provide creative, effective solutions customized to any event production, and offer the largest

assortment of modern equipment, talent, and support.

Simultaneous Translation Booths

Translation booths are designed to create the best acoustic environment for the distinction of various languages spoken simultaneously. The booth provides the perfect visual and two-way audio communication between the interpreters and participants in various meetings and conferences. In various situations, these booths are placed out of sight of the actual participants being translated and in such cases, video monitoring equipment may be utilized.

Edge-Blending Projection

Edge-blending is a method whereby two or more video/data projectors are used together with part of their images overlapping, thereby creating a wider (or taller) display more suitable for showing wide-screen video images. This can be used to create a completely new environment by either covering an entire wall in projection, or moreover, an entire 360* space in a faraway landscape.


A gobo is a laser cut stainless steel stencil cutout or high resolution glass slide that creates a pattern, logo, or other design when light is projected through it. Gobos are used to create shadows with light, from literal projections, words, or monograms, to abstract stylized motif projections. A gobo can be “soft/diffuse” or “hard edged”, allowing for varying focus and designs. There are thousands to choose from and they add a dynamic layer to any design. Gobos can also be custom made to match invitations, linens, or other design motifs, tying the entire design and event together.

Moving-Head Lights

Moving-head lights belong to a group of equipment known as 'intelligent lights. They're pretty much the most versatile and powerful pieces of lighting equipment available. The ability to point the lights at any point on the stage, from the comfort of lighting desk, is extremely useful and when combined with color changing, multiple gobos, prism effects and beam shaping, you're pretty much limited only by your imagination. Gobo lights can create dramatic effects on walls, sidewalks - even sides of buildings!


Uplights are compact lighting fixtures in varying sizes and wattages (depending on the event space) that are placed on the ground up against the perimeter walls or key architectural features, adding light and color to the walls, ceiling, and providing an ambient indirect glow. Uplights shine up a wall and naturally fill a space with light and color. We consider uplighting to be the primer or “base coat” to lighting,

Sound & Audio Technicians

Nothing is more important than having your message heard. Whether you’re planning a business meeting or conference, or need audio support for a motivational speaker, training session or gala evening, you will always need a proper sound equipment available to deliver your message loud and clear. Sound technicians are required to assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix or reproduce sound.

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