Zofin Garden Restaurant

Something is always going on at Slovanský Island on the Vltava river. It is a green oasis of comfort and excellent gastronomy in the heart of Prague. We spend our summers outside in the beautiful space of our covered outdoor restaurant located between the Žofín Palace and a romantic gazebo.

Prague Conference Restaurant Žofín Garden is a glass encased dining room, designed as a sunny orangery, with citrus fruit trees and palms. The inside dining room and covered garden, is part of a Palace, a Neo-Renaissance building constructed in 1885, situated in the heart of Prague on the Slovanský Island. This place is a part of  Žofín Palace and thats why it is great Prague Conference Restaurant

As it is located on an island, it would not be appropriate to list this particular restaurant as close to the water, but rather it would be more accurate to say that it is actually on the water. The island itself is a beautifully serene escape from the city as it has a large park for wandering, and the restaurant provides the ideal location from which to view the majesty of the river, the city, as well as the palace. The menu is comprised of a rich variety of Czech, as well as international cuisine.

Sample Menu

Roasted Quiche Stuffed with Leeks and Spring Onions

Norwegian Salmon Steaks Marinated in Crushed Black Pepper and Cognac

Grandma’s Traditional Plum Pie

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Casual Dining€€250

Additional info

  • Maximum capacity of inside dining room is 40 seats
  • Maximum capacity of covered garden terrace is 250 seats

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