Prague Photo Rally

An atmosphere of friendly competition will be created as groups compete in Prague Scavenger Hunt Photo Rally.  The teams will attempt to recreate a set of professional photographs distributed to each team before the start of this exciting challenge. Teamwork and communication will be key in attempting to navigate a new city, armed only with city maps, the knowledge of the local people, and some photographic clues to identify the locations in which to perform the recreations. The creativity and innovation of each team will also need to be utilized, with some tasks requiring free expression and exploration to create photographs of team members completing a few simple tasks or situations.

After the short briefing, we divide the group into the small teams of 5-8 participants. Each team gets an iPad with game instructions. The game sheet contains a list of tasks that should be completed: make funny photos of the motives and moments from Prague (make photo of oldest car, most beautiful girl, photo with policeman etc.). In the end we burn all photos on CD, or we may even have them projected on large screen and displayed during an evening dinner program.

This particular activity can be staged at any time of the day and is ideal for groups containing 10 or more people. As a teambuilding activity, the Prague Scavenger Hunt Photo Rally, is well suited as an exciting and fun-filled way of splitting up a set of meetings/conferences, providing the opportunity to experience the diversity of Prague through visiting both well known, as well as some lesser well known, city locations.

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