Hot Air Ballooning over Castles

The flights are operated by a professional ballooning company, staffed by competent pilots with up to 20 years’ experience. The balloons that sail through the Czech skies effortlessly can accommodate from 2 up to 18 adults in each basket, and the flight lasts roughly for one hour following preparations of about 30 minutes. The departure point is set nearby Prague. An amazing experience watching the sun rise while Hot Air Ballooning over Castles in the Czech country side is an incredible group program which will definitely set the mood for the rest of the program.

Flights operate throughout the year but are only able to fly in favorable weather. We confirm the flight conditions a few days prior your scheduled flight.

When Hot Air Ballooning over Castles, the balloons simply drift along with a wind. This varies in strength and changes direction at different heights although it rarely exceeds height of 500 m above the landscape. The basket is completely steady and provides wonderful platform for taking photographs so if you are looking for fantastic and incomparable adventure, we are ready to make your wish come true.

The actual balloon baskets vary in size and we even have baskets which can accommodate up to forty persons, plus a pilot, it one balloon.  We have a huge number of balloons available and we can fly an entire group of up to 400 people at the same time using several balloons at the same time.

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