Tereza Rajnincova Soul Band

Tereza Rajnincova Soul Band is an excellent young singer with a heavy sexy voice, accompanied by various numbers of musicians, which together create classical jazz background atmosphere of the evening. This talented singer can perform many musical genres including Latin, blues, Chanson, and jazz. Tereza can perform as duet or trio accompanied by guitar, sax, piano, drums or bass guitar.

Tereza’s singing versatility is ensured on the spot, where bands and projections are visible, starting with jazz (Jazz Efterrätt, Petr Hanzlík), purely vocal (SKETY) to cooperation with Kamil Střihavka, Ondřej Brousk or Ondřej Brzobohatý. No visitors are satisfied with their own musical expression, capable of genres and musical boxes. Tereza performs in a chamber duo with guitarist Karel Barta, but mainly in the denser cover-quintet Live Band.

Tereza Rajnincova Soul Band, with its music moves on the border between jazz and pop. It was founded in 2009 by Tereza Rajnincová. The band with a repertoire focused solely on their own creation quickly attracts new fans. An unmistakable and unmistakable advantage and a big plus of the band is the captivating and charismatic voice and the casual stage performance of the young Slovak singer Tereza Rajnincová, which together with the quartet of playful musicians guarantees an unusual experience. This energy-charged band won’t let the listener sit quietly. By its nature and openness, it will flow the flow of emotions and fill the audience with joy and optimism. GROOVE INN regularly performs in well-known Prague and regional clubs and is also preparing their debut album. It consists of professional musicians who cooperate with leading Czech musicians such as: Felix Slovacek, Milan Svoboda’s Big Band, Ondrej Pivec.

Tereza Rajnincová (SK, born 1988) (1988) vocal, is a native of Trenčín. In Slovakia she started with jazz band Aurelius Q and pop band The Haze. Since 2007 she has been living and working in Prague, where she graduated from the Vocational School of the J. Ježek Conservatory with a focus on jazz singing, harmony and arranging. Thanks to her stylish diversity and energetic expression, Tereza is one of the most talented young singers of the current domestic jazz scene. Pleasant voice and sophisticated expression, cooperation with several Czech-Slovak bands of different musical genres: Tereza and GROOVE INN, Kamil Strihavka & LEADERS, Petr Hapka and Michal Horacek (KUDYKAM), Ondrej Brzobohaty, Michal Nejtek (David Koller Band), Filip Spaleny ( Jan Spálený and ASPM) and others.



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