Svejk Duo

The Good Soldier Svejk is himself a symbol of Czech livelihood. This incredible Svejk duo are all in one – Funny, Talented, Charismatic, and generally entertaining. It’s a good thing he plays an accordion so that he can still enjoy a pint with the guests whilst performing Czech favorites and International sing alongs which are extremely contagious in large groups.

Svejk Duo music production is interlaced with humorous glosses

Musical performances of the duo Good Soldier Švejk (accordion, vocals) and Mrs. Palivcová (bass, vocals), optionally also accompanied by “Lieutenant Duba”, interspersed with distinctive “Švejk humor”.

Folk songs and fun for Czechs and foreigners.

– performance of cheerful and communicative band Svejk Music in trio – 3 costume musicians: Svejk – accordion + vocals, Mrs. Palivcova – double bass + vocals, Colonel Bedrich Kraus von Zillergut – violin, or quartet – trio completed with Lieutenant Duba – keyboard + vocal (suitable for longer performance).

The band has a permanent engagement in Prague at the Municipal House, where they play mainly for foreign clients – they speak fluently and sing German (also English, Russian and Italian). An entertaining evening full of songs, jokes, cheerful buzz and stories from Švejk is held in Czech-German, so that none of the guests will come. In addition, they interconnect the company in an interactive spirit with a song quiz and event .. also with various competitions…


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