Prague Film Orchestra

In the Czech Republic there are several symphony orchestras, occasionally touching their repertoire of some favorite titles or popular film music. The Prague Film Orchestra, founded fifteen years ago, focuses exclusively on the interpretation of film. A perfect compliment to a gala evening, or as an accompaniment to another performance act such as fire act or opera singers.

Prague Film Orchestra is a symphony orchestra composed of young people who love film music. They are mostly students and graduates from leading Czech and foreign music schools located them students nonmusical subjects. The conductor is George Korynta. As the only orchestra in the Czech Republic specializing in film music and playing it live at concerts across the country. In music archive is the original score obtained from the United States, while suites also adapted for concert performance. Currently there are more than 120 scores.

The orchestra has performed many times throughout the Czech Republic and has traveled several times abroad, namely to Slovakia and Austria. However, Prague is the most permanent place and the orchestra honors the place of its founding. According to the conductor, at the beginning, the big goal was to get the players up and raise the level of play as much as possible, and then to introduce the music to the people in the famous concert halls. At first, it was directed to the smaller ones, such as the Martinů Hall at the Music Academy of the Performing Arts, and later to the larger multifunctional concert halls. The priority was to match the level of the hall with the genre of film music. This is how the concerts started at the Lucerna cinema, which is one of the most interesting places to perform and here you can see the orchestra playing most often. Continuously also in various cities in Bohemia and Moravia – in addition to Prague, Pilsen, Ceske Budejovice, Brno, Zlin, Ostrava, Litomysl and Slovakia in particular Bratislava and Trnava.

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