Dobris Royal Chateau

This Rococo era chateau, with its distinguished façade and manicured gardens, has captured the attention and imagination of every person ever to walk through it’s gates. The current look of the chateau dates back to 1745-1765 when it was rebuilt by Henry Pavel Mansfeld. His daughter Isabella was married to Francis Gundakar Colloredo. This union gave rise to the House of Colloredo-Mansfeld who owned the chateau until 1942 when it was expropriated by the German Reich. A truly magificent Chateau which serves as an ideal event venue.

The magnificent residence from the 18th century fully resembling the period, taste and style of the French King Louis XVI, appealed so much to the Nazis during the Second World War that they dispossessed the aristocratic owners of it.

For the period of another 50 years it served as “the House of writers” for recreational and creative stays of pro-regime artists and other prominent persons. The chateau has since been repatriated by the family and the current owner Jerome Colloredo-Mansfeld from Austria.

Dobříš Chateau offers several options for organising your corporate event. The impressive Mirror Hall, the elegant premises of the Stables, or the charming French style gardens. The attractive and opulent milieu of the Rococo style chateau, surrounded by a rare garden with flower ornaments, cut hedges and sculptures, evokes the atmosphere of the Viennese Schönbrunn. That is also the reason why film-makers of fairy tales, concert organizers or participants in private celebrations seek it so much as an event venue.

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Additional info

  • French style park, outside premises, 2 hectares, tent can be pitched in the park
  • Buffet dinner for max capacity of 200 guests in one room
  • 4 halls connecting for a buffet dinner for up to 500 people
  • Petrof Grand Piano available in the venue
  • Approximately 1hr 15min from Prague city center

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