Pyroterra Fire Show

Pyroterra Fire Show is High Energy! High Drama! High Temperatures!

A dynamic performance accompanied by hi voltage music, unique make-up and costumes, and uber talented dancers and choreographers. They are able to produce, then multiply a huge amount of raw power. This is a performance that is felt as much as it is seen.

Pyroterra are a Czech fire-dancing group who made it to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in Series 8. In the audition, they spun poles with flames on the ends around themselves with the stadium lights dimmed. In the semi-finals, they performed a similar routine to a medley of songs.

An energetic fire, light and acrobatic show operating on scenes around the world.
Pyroterra brings together the best artists in the field and focuses on creating dance, dynamic shows in combination with modern digital and visual effects, fire and pyrotechnics.

Pyroterra Fire Show puts show quality and client satisfaction first.
With this vision we approach every realized production.

In their performances, Pyroterra combines traditional juggling and artistic figures with modern music and dance, the main means of expression being a combination of fire, fireworks and lighting technology. The style of the band is characterized by a dynamic spectacle backed by narrative, metal or electronic music. It differs from other artistic ensembles, which for this type of performance builds mainly on stage dance and ethnic music. Recent achievements include advancing to the semi-final of Czech Slovakia’s Talent [1], Beat The Best [2] and appearances for world universities such as the University of Plymouth or IIT in Mumbai.


Why show from Pyroterra:

• professional and individual approach to each of your events, including customization
• extensive experience with the domestic and foreign scene
• exclusivity of the latest lighting and fire effects
• safety and smooth running of all performances incl. valid certification

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