DATE : October 2015 LOCATION : Real Palacio Lisbon – Lisbon, Portugal

EVENT DETAILS : Inter-Disciplinary is a program that we at Prague Eventery have been hosting for several years in many locations around the globe including North America, and several destinations in Europe.

Inter-Disciplinary is a forum for the exchange and interaction of ideas, research and points of view that bear on a wide range of issues of concern and interest. The conference is mostly attended by academics, philosophers, and scholars.

We have hosted the program in this same location in Lisbon for the past 3 years. It has always been very successful because of the vibrancy and beauty of the city. Attendees appreciate the energetic atmosphere of Lisbon, incredible food, and mild and temperate climate. The cooperation with the hotel is terrific as we have been to the same properties each time so the care and personal attention that is provided to the group, and each individual attendee, is beyond reproach.

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