SaSaZu Club and Event Space

SaSaZu is one of the largest entertainment facilities of its kind. It is capable of accommodating up to 2500 people for events such as conferences, workshops, corporate programs, fashion shows, exhibitions, sporting events, as well as large parties and concerts, which make it an ideal party venue in Prague. Over 5000m2 of entertainment space awaits you in a complex which houses a fine ding Asian Restaurant, Club and Lounge. The name originated from the Japanese word for bamboo leaf, SaSaZu.

The incredible size of the club area is 1500m2, and is a true multi-purpose area. Seating capacity is 350 people and standing capacity is 2500 people. The club also boasts the latest technical and audio equipment complete with its own DJ UFO capsule, which spins and floats over the guests below.

Much like the ultra-chic clubs located in New York City’s meat packing district, SaSaZu’s Structure once too was home to an old fashion slaughter house. Today SaSaZu’s Structure has been transformed into a state of the art complex with stuning sound and lights.

The Pearl and Diamond VIP Clubs are also part of the space as the look down from their perches. From both of these balconies, there is a clear view of the clubs‘ ground floor, which can function as a dance floor, as well as the main stage. Both spread 160m2 and have the capacity to seat 100 guests.

There is also an imperial lounge, which is located in the central part of the restaurant and club, and allows you 
the ability to observe all of the clubs premises as well as the restaurant. It is 274m2 in size and can accommodate up to 100-seated guest in an exclusive VIP section, or welcome reception premises, of the party venue in Prague. Prague Pventery

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Additional info

  • Inbuilt stage
  • In-built A/V services available
  • All spaces can be combined for a large event
  • Large parking facility located directly at venue

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