Zofin Winter Garden

Zofin Winter Garden is a glass encased winter garden, designed as a sunny orangery, located on a beautiful island right in the heart of the city overlooking the National Theater on one bank, and the Prague Castle on the other. The inside dining room, as well as the winter garden, are part of a Neo-Renaissance Zofin Palace constructed in 1885, situated on Slovansky Island. This is an idyllic spot surrounded by nature, where there are lovely views to enjoy over the Vltava River and downstream to Prague Castle. This neo-renaissance mansion was built in honor of Archduchess Sophie, Mother of Emperor Franz Josef I.  An ideal party venue in Prague for all types and ranges of different social gatherings and affairs.

As it is located on an island, it would not be appropriate to list this particular venue as close to the water, but rather it would be more accurate to say that it is actually on the water. The island itself is a beautifully serene escape from the city as it has a large park for wandering, and the restaurant provides the ideal location from which to view the majesty of the Vltava river, the city, as well as the palace. Whilst on the Island, guests are encouraged to take a stroll in the grounds, enjoy the woodland and watch the birds in the river. In the summer you can hire a boat to paddle around the island. The palace part of the restaurant is naturally more elegant, with high ceilings, long draping curtains and finely dressed tables.

The Island, as well as the restaurant, is located next to the National theatre and therefore easily accessible by public transport or by car. Parking can be arranged for coaches directly at the venue. The restaurant is positioned directly behind the palace as an extension of a winter garden between the palace itself and the grand garden gazebo which can be used in conjunction with the winter garden to create a truly ideal party venue in Prague.

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  • Can accommodate up to 350 guests buffet style
  • Beautiful Winter Garden located on an island in the center of Prague
  • Additional inside Palace rooms may also be used
  • Receptions can take place in the island garden in front of the Palace

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