Castles, Chateau’s, Palaces and Gardens! With over 700 unique conference venues in Prague and throughout the country, and more UNESCO

protected heritage sites than any other country in the world, allow us to suggest the very best for your event size,

expectation, and budget.  A royal setting is not reserved for just royalty any longer!

Historic, Out of Prague 50 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Konopiste Castle Complex

The fairy tale Konopiste Castle was originally founded as a gothic fortress guarding a nearby town of Benesov. Being founded at the end of the 13th century by Tobias of Benesov, it was built at the beginning of the 14th century, following the model of French castles named "le castles". The castle has several outdoor terraces, a park, a rose garden, and a large pond.

Modern 300 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Czech National Bank

The historic building of the former Commodity Exchange in Prague is a pantheon of the world of finance. Its standard of comfort, craftsmanship and conservative luxury is the very embodiment of that world. The building with a unique atmosphere has been sensitively renovated to preserve its architectural grandeur.  Please don't ask to see the vaults, only virtual money here.

Modern 500 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

SaSaZu Club and Event Space

SaSaZu is one of the largest entertainment facilities of its kind, capable of accommodating up to 2500 people for events such as conferences, corporate programs, fashion shows, exhibitions, as well as large parties and concerts. The club also boasts the latest technical and audio equipment with its own DJ UFO capsule, which spins and floats over the guests.

Historic, Outdoor 70 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Stone Bell House – Old Town Square

A grand house with the extraordinary existence of two chapels and a richness of architectural components. Elaborate figuration and wall paintings in the interiors, as well as the geometric composition of the façade, positively proves that it used to be a Palace in its time, no doubt built by a member of the royal court, situated in the very heart of Prague – in the Old Town Square.

Historic 240 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

St. Anna Church (Prague Crossroads)

The Gothic church of St. Ann, also known as “Prague Crossroads”, in Prague Old Town was built between 1313 and 1330 and it belonged to a Dominican convent. There are remains of Gothic wall paintings inside as they have been rediscovered through years of careful renovation. It is registered on the UNESCO list as a part of the Prague Monument Reservation.

Outdoor 200 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

The Private Mark Gardens

Enter the secret garden of The Mark and leave the city behind. Lush green scenery, beautiful sculptures and a peaceful environment guarantee you the perfect ambiance for dining, as well as celebrating memorable events and other celebrations. Looking out over the tranquil environment of the hotel’s courtyard garden, the Garden offers a truly memorable experience.

Historic 100 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Prague State Opera

Most beautiful of the Prague opera houses
, formerly the German Theatre built in 1888 by Fellner & Helmer. The State Opera (formerly the State Opera Prague, between 1948 and 1992 the Smetana Theatre, and originally the New German Theatre) has been a part of the National Theatre since 2012. The Opera and Ballet ensembles give repertory performances at the State Opera.

Historic 150 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Prague National Theater

The historical building of the National Theatre, constructed in 1883, is generally considered the prime stage in the Czech Republic and the embodiment of the will of the Czech nation for a national identity and independence. It is the premier stage for Opera, Drama and Ballet performances as wel as the flagship of the National Theatre institution, today amounting to five buildings.

Outdoor 100 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Vrtbovska Gardens

Vrtbovska Garden is situated on the slope of Petrín Hill and is one of the most precious and beautiful of Prague's Baroque gardens. Due to the fact that the gardens are actually not seen, or accessible directly from the street, the gardens are an absolute secret place, capable of hosting ultra romantic and private affairs for 2 guests, or grand garden celebrations.

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