Modern 60 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Bawak Look Out Tower

This reconstructed modern space of the glassed roof copula, provides a fascinating 360* view of not only of the center of Prague, but as well of the rest of the city below. There are two glassed circular halls interconnected by a spiral staircase. Bawak Bank is located directly in the middle of the famed Wenceslas square in the historical downtown of Prague.

Boat, Outdoor 80 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Bohemian Rhapsody Boat

Bohemia Rhapsody is a brand new and most advanced boat, without peer in the Czech Republic in the category of sightseeing or event vessels. It is in many ways similar to its one-year-older sister boat, the Grand Bohemia.  With its retractable glass roof, it is the ideal floating venue which enables your guests to enjoy a 360* panoramic view of the city as we float by.

Historic 2400 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Prague Industrial Palace

The art-nouveau building was built in 1891 according to the design of Bedrich Münzberger, and is one of the most valuable art-nouveau historical monuments in Prague. The Palace is the largest building on the Prague exhibition grounds, and is 238 meters long and its central tower reaches a height of 51 meters. Built to house the World’s Fair hosted in Prague in 1891.

Historic 700 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Prague Municipal House

The municipal house is the most spectacular example of Art Nouveau architecture in Prague. Its construction dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, and was built in 1912. It has  played host to many important historical events such as the proclamation of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 and meetings between the Civic Forum and communist regime in 1989.

Historic 750 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Lucerna Palace Prague

Lucerna Palace was Prague’s first multipurpose complex from the beginning of the 20th century; it is one of the best-known Prague cultural Palaces', built between 1907 and 1921. Lucerna had become the hub of all social and cultural life in Prague, and throughout the years, many famous people like Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Josephine Baker and Vlasta Burian performed here.

Historic 750 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

National House Vinohrady

The National House was completely finished after only 15 months of intense work, and opened in November 10, 1894 with the grandest of celebrations. This Neo–Renaissance building, on the Náměstí Míru square, is the brainchild of famed architect Antonín Turek. It had became the seat of many national, as well as local, associations and corporations throughout the years.

Boat 50 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Nepomuk River Boat

The crown and jewel of the River is the historic speed ship, which bears the name of the patron saint of all river boats, St. John of Nepomuk. “Nepomuk” is a larger historical vessel dating back to 1928, which was originally made in the docks in Belgium, and later restored to perfection here in Prague. It is by far, the oldest, and most glamorous, floating vessel on the River.

Historic 150 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Prague New Town Hall

The construction of the New Town Hall was begun shortly after the founding of Prague's New Town in 1348, when Charles IV was pursuing a grandiose program of town planning in accordance with his conceptions of the future of the Holy Roman Empire. Over the centuries, it has been witness to many historic events, such as the first Prague Defenestration in 1419.

Historic 250 Max Dnr in 1 Rm

Prague Castle – Rudolph’s Gallery

The north wing of the New Palace of Prague Castle represents the summit of interior design during Rudolf’s reign. The systematic employment of symmetry, emphasis on spatial depth, and new conceptions of the upper story of the buildings marked subsequent developments. It is here that Rudolph’s Gallery, and the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle, is situated.

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