Castles, Chateau’s, Palaces and Gardens! With over 700 unique conference venues in Prague and throughout the country, and more UNESCO

protected heritage sites than any other country in the world, allow us to suggest the very best for your event size,

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Prague Park Tower

The TV Tower in Žižkov (Park Tower) was built between 1985 and 1992 according to the design of Ing. Arch. Václav Aulický and Dr. Ing. Jiří Kozák. Despite critical reactions of local residents who pointed to the contrast of high-tech architecture and the historic neighborhood of Žižkov, the tower was completed. Today, the tower is a dominant feature of Prague's panorama. Prague Eventery

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Vinicni Altan (Vineyard Garden)

Prague’s nicest open-air vineyard garden claims to be its oldest too – apparently established by Emperor Charles IV himself. Vinicni Altan is not a place known for their beer, but rather another valuable part of Czech culture. Savour a glass of locally made white or red in a newly refurbished wooden gazebo overlooking the vineyards and the Nusle valley below. Prague Pventery

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Hluboka Fairytale Castle

Hluboká, a fairy-tale residence woven from a beautiful lady’s dream.  The Hluboká Castle is situated in Hluboká nad Vltavou and considered one of the most beautiful castles of the Czech Republic. The original Gothic castle was built in the late 13th century and is a focal point of royal power along the Vltava River. The Castle is now a National Cultural Monument of the Czech Republic.

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Prague Tram Depot

Located in the tram depot in Prague-Střešovice is a unique collection from the history of urban mass transit in Prague. It contains over 40 historical vehicles and many other exhibits, as well as all of Prague's historical trams which may be used for events and group programs. This museum represents the growth into a new era, the beginning of civility as we know it today. Prague Pventery

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Sacre Coeur Prague

Sacre Coeur Church is on a site formerly occupied by a convent and the Sacre Coeur finishing school for girls, a French-style educational institution for girls from wealthy families. The lofty height gives visitors and guests the feeling of flight through the many overhead frescos painted on the ceiling high above. A grand venue to host your grand event in Prague. Prague Pventery

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Ledeburg Garden

Rows of more than 30 steeply banked Baroque gardens rise behind the Palaces of Valdstejnská ulice, and spread out over the southern slope under Prague Castle. This marvelous garden, with an unforgettable view from the upper levels, offers great possibilities for summer events for up to 1,000 people. The garden is comprised of 5 separate, but interconnected, palace gardens.

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Zlute Lazne Beach

Zlute Lazne is a multifaceted, waterfront entertainment and activity center in Prague. Numerous outdoor sporting activities are available, and are intermingled with several riverside bars, restaurants, as well as quiet areas for simply reflecting on grassy and sand beaches. A perfect summer party outing and one of the few places in the city to experience white sand between your toes! Prague Pventery

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Prague Castle – Ball Game Hall

The Prague Castle, a symbol of Czech statehood, has been the focal point of Prague for over a thousand years. The Ball game hall is surrounded by beautiful castle gardens, which can be utilized for welcome reception and leads directly into the venue by several very large, ornate, doors. A glamorous venue in the most significant address in Prague, the Castle! Prague Pventery

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Aquapalace Fun Park

The largest entertainment aquapark in Central Europe rightfully belongs among the most visited leisure attractions. It will delight not just adrenalin junkies, but devotees of sea surf, fitness swimmers and anybody who is looking for FUN. An ideal “non-traditional” venue for your festive program where you can sip your favorite cocktail on a barstool wading in a swimming pool!.

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