Extreme Shooting Range

What is it like to shoot a pistol, rifle, shotgun, or even a sub machine gun? Choose from various kinds of firearms and try your ability to concentrate on a 50m long shooting gallery. Blow off a little steam with a Russian AK-47 fully automatic assault weapon. Nothing says Peace and Love more than an assault rifle kickback and a fierce blow!

Scavenger Hunt Prague

The “TALE” scavenger hunt allows for exploring fascinating historical facts and legends, and takes the participants through Prague’s streets where they have to solve series of challenges using their good team work, creativity, orientations skills, attention to details and time management. Great program for larger groups.

“Hang on” Prague Rope Center

Prague’s outdoor rope center is perfect choice for everyone who enjoys safe adventure, fun and unforgettable experiences. Test your abilities to overcome various rope obstacles! No extraordinary physical strength is required. The only qualities you need are enthusiasm, courage, creativity and team work.

Team Ice Curling

Team Ice Curling is a physically undemanding game for teams of players who attempt to show their team spirit, concentration, and strategic thinking. Curling is not physical difficult sport and very easily playable for all ages. Thanks to these attributes, curling is perfect sport for teambuilding events as well as social gatherings.

Ice Sculpting Team building

Getting the clichés out of the way, this is “The world’s coolest team building event” or  “The perfect ice breaker” bringing teams together through the “Power of Ice!”. Ice carving is a fantastic test of teamwork and skill in a fun and engaging environment. Anyone can carve ice, it’s about working together, being creative, and getting stuck into the task.

Spy Hunt Team Building

Your mission, should you accept it, is to take part in an extraordinary scavenger spy game which unfolds in the city streets and dark corners of Prague. Spy Hunt Team Building brings a company together, removes barriers, and develops team spirit. Survival and super secretive tactical team training is the ultimate test of team spirit and bonding.


Therapy without the therapist! Destructotherapie offers pure, unbridled release from all bent up tensions and stress with the use of a few simple tools; a baseball bat, a sledgehammer, and a semiautomatic paintball gun! Who knew that relaxation could be so much fun and rewarding!

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