Well-designed activities are a very important part of any meeting. Whether it is to strengthen your corporate values,

build camaraderie or address team challenges, we begin by understanding your objectives both spoken and unspoken.

This knowledge will then serve as the foundation of a program specifically designed to achieve positive results.

F1 Go-Cart Tournament

We provide "real" racing action on the longest kart track in Europe. There are more than 30 curves and average speed reaches as much as 40kmph, it doesn't sound that fast but believe us, it definitely feels quick enough when your bum is inches off the ground and some lunatic is trying to undertake you on a tight hairpin!

Castle Golf Outing

What golfer could resist playing a renowned 27-hole golf course with the romantic backdrop of the majestic Karlstejn Castle, a long ago residence of Czech kings? A hilly landscape with limestone rocks and rich fauna is an oasis of calmness and peace which will gratify even the most demanding players.

Paintball WARS!

Blasting out flurries of multi-colored ammunition while you duck through breathtaking natural terrain is extremely entertaining, but to succeed you need a well-devised strategy, careful planning and effective teamwork. The game’s focus on teamwork and strategy, combined with pure adrenaline-pumping fun, makes for an unforgettable experience.

Indoor Body Flying

Prague-based high-performance indoor skydiving wind tunnel allows you to experience flying in a freefall simulator and enjoy an exceptional experience full of adrenaline and fun. A non-traditional adrenaline sport, which is safe for everyone. A person in the air held neither by a rope nor a parachute - it's a FLIGHT in the direct sense of the word.

Ice Hockey Tournament

Introduce your guests to the fastest game on earth and see what they’re really made of. Fun on ice accessible to everyone! Even if you’re on ice skates for the first time in your life, you will discover that balancing yourself on two sharpened steel blades on a slippery surface is actually quite easy!

Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boat racing is a popular team-building event as it quickly gets everyone working together and having fun. It is not about individual skills as everyone in the boat must work together and paddle in perfect timing to reach the finish line. It’s all about collaboration, timing, effort, and putting the team before yourself.

Segway Scavenger Hunt

Are you are looking for something other than the usual bus/walking tour? This program incorporates the challenge of a team Scavenger hunt, with the opportunity to experience and discover the secrets of Prague, and the thrill of using an ingenious piece of personal transportation technology to get it done.

Extreme Shooting Range

What is it like to shoot a pistol, rifle, shotgun, or even a sub machine gun? Choose from various kinds of firearms and try your ability to concentrate on a 50m long shooting gallery. Blow off a little steam with a Russian AK-47 fully automatic assault weapon. Nothing says Peace and Love more than an assault rifle kickback and a fierce blow!

The “TALE” Scavenger Hunt

The “TALE” scavenger hunt allows for exploring fascinating historical facts and legends, and takes the participants through Prague’s streets where they have to solve series of challenges using their good team work, creativity, orientations skills, attention to details and time management. Great program for larger groups.

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