Silhouette Artist

A silhouette is the image of a person represented as a solid shape of a single color. A talented silhouette artist can create a piece of art in a matter of minutes. Your guests will be impressed with these wonderful treasures. Company logo, or event specific text is often incorporated into the final art piece. A Silhouette Artist is one of the most popular forms of mix and mingle entertainment and ideal for either receptions, or as a wandering entertainment performance during the program.

Custom Menu Design

Customized menus are a way to not only inform your guests of what will be served, but should also display the message, elegance and professionalism of your event.  We often design our custom menus to prominently display the history and information of the selected venue or restaurant, as well as details of the event.  We incorporate whatever imagery or text from your event in the design process so that your message, and reason for gathering these guests together, shines through. Most guests appreciate the menus as souvenirs of the program.

Event Videographer

Your company is hosting an event and is creating a one-time experience. It is quite common that not everyone in your organization can be there, so we use technology to capture and share the event. We utilize the services of professional, seasoned event videographers to ensure that you have the end product in its absolute best quality, and a successful project that preserves your once in a lifetime event at the quality level that compliments your company image whenever and wherever it is shared.

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