Luka Lu

Luka Lu is a truly unpretentious Balkan Prague Party Restaurant bursting with life and color. This Prague Party Restaurant has very joyful atmosphere created by a quirky, colorful interior with lot of Balkan and Mediterranean elements. Luka lu is full of brightly colored kitsch – you can see real creativity here.

When you walk into this eclectic Prague Party Restaurant, you will be amazed. The decor is similar like no other place in the world. Creative, inspiring design and cuisine will take you on a journey. The amazing Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine always features fresh fish and service that will have you coming back for more.

The menu features a nice selection of Balkan- and Italian-inspired meals, including čevapčiči, pastas, and various fresh fish entrées. This is straightforward, family-style fare, the kind you might find in a tucked-away little restaurant in Sarajevo, or, better yet, on the dining table of a Balkan home. Luka Lu describes itself as the child of an adventurous Italian father and a calm, simple Bosnian mother. This assessment makes perfect sense: the unpretentious food is, naturally, the work of the mama. And you only need to take one look at the interior design to see where the boisterous Italian side comes in.

A beautifully fun and eclectic winter garden, as well as an oasis summer garden, allows diners to experience their meals in an Alice in Wonderland meets Salvador Dali fantasy land of colors and flavors.

Sample Menu

 Bouillabaisse Luka Lu

Grilled goat cheese from Cyprus

Lamb meat roasted under “Sač” – the oldest method of Balkan meat preparation

Kremšnita – cream cake

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