Bastion Restaurant

Given the breathtakingly stunning position of the restaurant and culinary concept, you can expect an extraordinary Prague Group Restaurant experience in Bastion.

This dining phenomena has been carved out of a medieval wall which encompasses the hill upon which Prague’s first castle was located.  From this vantage point one can easily see over the city spires, and what had once been the main city fortification point.

Although only a few stairs lead from the hill to the restaurant, these may as well be the longest stairs in the world as they transcend time and space, taking you back a millennia in regards to historical significance, whilst at the same time taking you into the future of design and architecture.

Bastion Prague Group Restaurant offers specialties of international and modern Czech cuisine. The wine list offers more than 100 wines from renowned foreign and domestic wineries, highlighted by a collection of champagne brands. The bar offers a wide range of selected premium drinks and alcohol, and the service is equally as impressive as the surroundings.

Sample Menu

Terrine of Rabbit Liver with Cherry Jelly

Roast Pork Cheeks with “Kuba” – Roast Barley, with Mushrooms

Butter Pear poached in Wine with Cinnamon, Star Anise, served with Pear Glaze

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