“Hang on” Rope Center

The rope center is a unique adrenaline stunt consisting of various hurdles which you have to overcome. Several bridges, climbing wall, rope barriers, cableway, crossings, swayings, nets, banks and other surprises and challenges are waiting for your teams. You will find platforms between the hurdles where you can draw in breath or think over how you can master the next trap.

You will start with climbing the lower and medium level barriers for stretching, and then you will be trained in efficient techniques of securing, followed by the most exciting part of your program – climbing the various high level barriers, individually and in teams. Team barriers are specially designed to train your abilities of communication, cooperation and trust. Those of you who are seeking for ultimate adventure and well deserved euphoria can try a big swing jump from the height of 7 meters.

The rope center is located just a short ride from the city center and provides high quality and certified climbing equipment. Experienced instructors will be available throughout the event to train all participants in safely mastering all hurdles presented.

The program can be customized and can last anywhere between 2 – 4 hours.

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