Do you ever feel like you’re a pressurised bomb ready to explode? You wanted everything around you literally smashed? Drain all your excess pressure and aggressiveness which you harbor inside yourself, on a defenseless car, a defenseless car that deserves everything that it has coming to it that is! Destructotherapie will replace your regular psychotherapist appointments and inject you with an adrenaline shot in the arm you need in order to leave you feeling as happy and calm as a gentle lamb…

Destructotherapie offers a very unusual way of entertainment. Just a few kilometers outside of the city center, guests can go through three disciplines that can replace the fitness center and the therapist all in one go. Simply put, guests will get a miner’s protective suit, a shield, gloves, a large hammer and baseball bat. This is when the fun part starts as they then may venture into a parked car which they can smash at will. In addition, they can then shoot paintball guns at “Hard Targets” and eventually compress the very same car into cubes with a crane and large stamper machine.

A program that is intended to leave your guests physically tired, but invigoratingly, mentally reborn! Home page

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