DATE : September 2016 LOCATION : Zofin Palace

EVENT DETAILS : We produced a super glamorous, high profile Gala event in which the interiors of a grand Palace were transformed into a fairy wonderland forest scene scape with over 30 large trucks full of plants, trees, and beautiful wild flowers. The entire Palace took a full team 3 days to setup with dramatic lighting, a special runway stage through the middle of the room for elaborate performances, and a genuine English barbershop raised up on a platform and setup at the end of the runway. The barbershop was a complete reconstruction and involved creating red brick walls for the façade, a separate ceiling with hanging lighting, flooring, doors, and French windows.

The event was definitely the talk of the town, and a beautiful example of a magical dream converted into a grand reality.

  • Venue – Zofin Palace
  • Lighting
  • Special Effects
  • Themed Event
  • Stage Scenography
  • Florist Design
  • Catering
  • Group Transportation
  • Furnishings and Decor
  • Hostess and Temporary Staffing
  • Custom Choreographed Entertainment

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